Childhood’s Future

Posted on Oct 21, 2014


He’s been thinking about his childhood lately
If he knew then what he knows now
Wondering where he could now be?
Would his life be different somehow?

The people around him make him think
As they drain his very soul
As well as money through gifts and drink
He sometimes feels swallowed whole

Where does his road now lead
Does it go to a better place
Will he get a new social feed
And a better life to grace?

Maybe he would be by the sea?
Or amongst the gods in the mountains?
Oh he still has to believe
To spring life from new fountains

Destiny takes us somewhere else
Hand in hand with fate
It creeps up quiet as a mouse
To change your life, to fill its plate

Don’t fight what you can’t control
Both have plans for us, just believe
Help it along like a friend of old
The past has gone, never grieve

Have faith that all will be as it should
Fight and live your dreams
And all will eventually come good
Nothing is ever as it seems…

*First published on October 5th 2011 at 10:52 and re-edited 21st October 2014 at 1000

Posted in: Poetry