The Call

In deep thought
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It’s time to follow those
dreams long dreamt
To do those thing that have
always been said
To follow in the footsteps
of the great and the good
Maybe even to write
that book

To travel to the far corners
of this tempestuous Earth
To live a life through
spiritual rebirth
To seek out something
long searched for
Away those burdens you
always bore

Life is short, for some
long before time
Make this life yours,
mountains to climb
Go seek happiness in
whatever form
Don’t let life become

All good things come to
those who wait they say
But don’t expect it to
knock at your door, don’t delay
Go searching for it,
help fate along
Keep your search for
your destiny going strong

Take that chance on
love if you can
Don’t let it wash
away down the pan
Something special
awaits us all
If we have faith to
believe in the call…

*First published October 6th 2011 and re-edited 18th October 2014

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