The Divided Heart of Alba

Posted on Sep 15, 2014


Scottish referendum  Picture courtesy of

Scottish referendum
Picture courtesy of

So the silent voices have
turned to screams

These shouts of repressed
rage resound

The words as dark as
any black heart

Causing division amongst
friend and neighbour

Religious hate rears its
ugly head

And the bigots rise
in relentless fury

Together we stand against all
that’s thrown against us

Separated by individuality but
as one we are a mighty force

One that has a say in
this ever-maddening world

Where the true enemy has
been far away

But now the fight is on
our lands

Three centuries of history
to be torn apart

All for something that
is not real

An illusion by the
political elite

Who pull the wool over
many eyes

But this falls on
deaf ears

And the eyes refuse
to see

What will be lost and
what little will be gained

For independence does not
feed the many

It only feeds the
greedy few

Maybe it’s too
late now

The deal with the devil
already made

And his reign will begin
over all

His wealth and belly
will grow

But the people will
be forever in chains

The divided heart of
Alba pierced

Its blood spilled

Stained across the lochs
and haunted glens

Wraiths forever
caught in limbo

Exorcised by the
new regime

Whilst the devil continues
his mad dance

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