The Hateful Heart

Posted on Sep 10, 2014


hateful heart

The Hateful Heart Picture courtesy of

I hear the words and
see their actions
Reverberating across
the land
and cyberspace

Infecting all with
their misguided poison
and uneducated ways
Their fears to, for
fear is in their black souls

These cowards who
I pity with sadness
Who live in the past
the future dark
to them

Blaming others for
the past in which
they’re not at fault
Their ignorance a dark
hand around their withered hearts

Lost on Hell’s path, the
gates closer than they think
I bow my head in shame
at what humanity says
and is capable of

Hoping one day for
change in the human psyche
But at the moment the
jury is out, debating on
their crimes against humanity

*For all those who fight against ignorance, bigotry, fear and hate. It exists in all nations and all colours. Education is always the key. Stamp it out!

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