Freedom’s Call

Posted on Aug 8, 2014



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A voice rings from
the past
Talking of change
and desire
Wanting freedom
from constraints
Invisible shackles
drawing blood

His voice weary,
tired and strained
A lost soul he feels
he is
Wandering on a
foggy path
Trying to find a way
through it all

His search has been
Fruitless mostly he
With some sparks
of genius
That gives rise to
hope for more

Soon he knows
he’ll leave
For pastures
Stayed long past
his time
Gone stale in
all his hopes

As he tells his
He feels better
for it
Knows that all
will be fine
Patience is a
virtue he knows

His friend though
sees his life mirrored
Seen all he’s said
reflected back
Knows he too
must do likewise
Before he gets

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