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Posted on Mar 10, 2014


I’ve not done one of these in a while and there’s been much to rant about in the news over the past few weeks so here’s my jumbled views on what’s been happening in the UK and the world over the past few days and weeks.

Unemployment down by 7.2%

Here we go again. The UK government release figures saying the economy is improving as unemployment numbers are down so everything must be okay then?
These fools who run our country are so obsessed with figures that don’t match the reality of the situation that they fail to see what’s really going on. Actually, they probably already know but kid themselves that we’re too stupid to notice or do anything about it.

What with the recent terrible floods here and a disillusioned country that is getting pushed to its limits in light of utility price hikes, high food and fuel prices as well as ever increasing public transport rises; is it no wonder that the people of the UK, famed for being calm and collected, will snap very soon. And let’s not forget university fees have tripled and may yet go up even more if universities have their way for the government let them do so, forcing kids into low paid work instead of higher education.

There used to be a time when you could train on the job without any experience or qualifications; apprenticeships that would gain you proper skills in trades but instead of that there are so-called new style apprenticeships that force people to work in supermarkets and such-like to learn things they could learn anywhere and all for a very low wage; in some cases nothing at all, although there are proper apprenticeships out there for the usual 16-25 age group and not aimed at an ever ageing and more stable population. And let’s not get started on zero-hour contracts, the bane of the working class society.

So people fear going to university, to put on their heating and electric, spend in our rapidly closing shops and even eat in some cases. Even our old aged pensioners are struggling. I remember a few short years ago that we had a very cold winter and the energy prices as ever went up; so much so that deaths were reported up and down the country. People in neighbouring Scandinavia, Sweden I think it was, actually sent over hundreds of jumpers for them after hearing it on their radio’s and news programmes. They were disgusted and shocked at the way we treat our older people. Then there are the hospital closures, two of which are in or close-by to where I live now, ensuring a ‘heads or tails’ flip of the coin if you have a life or death situation to the nearest hospital. My town had two at one time. One has been levelled and turned into housing whilst the other has half closed and is hanging on by a thread. A hospital in a nearby city of St. Albans is also struggling to survive, once popular with student nurses. The nearest would be Watford which is already under extreme strain as more and more patients are taken there instead. Not good for anyone. Mistakes are inevitable sadly. Jobs and health do not matter to our government, only if they can get their names in the history books. History is written by those in power for their own ends at times.

This still goes on as many cut-backs are made with yet more to come. It feels like a legal culling of humans by our government.

UK Riots 2011

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The riots of 2011 in the UK testifies to what may happen and is nothing to what may come unless the government starts listening and doing what we ask and need of it. After all, it is us who pays for them and their lifestyle and it is us who struggles day by day.

Yes there are worse places in the world with people suffering beyond imagination, some of which head here to escape a world they have no wish to be a part of and to make a better life for themselves on our small island.

The thing is, the numbers may be down but many people are not working full-time or earning enough to survive on. Many are dipping into their savings or worse; borrowing from friends and family. Some are getting payday loans that are the scourge of the high street and society. People are spiralling into debt because everything is so expensive and they simply can’t afford to live an ordinary and basic life, let alone try to achieve something in this world. What’s the point in trying if you’re stopped at every path you turn down?

The elections are due soon and the slow road there has already begun to get us mere mortals to vote for various parties. The Conservatives and their coalition partners, the Liberal Democrats, with their leaders David Cameron and Nick Clegg, have all but demoralized the people of the UK, a UK that may soon lose Scotland as it fights for independence this autumn. Will it get it? Possibly if something isn’t done to keep them on side. The only thing to keep us united at the moment is money and jobs. People need to put food on the table and it’s this that is hardest of all for we’re being asked in effect to make a choice; food or keep a roof over your head?

Labour has a so-called leader in Ed Miliband who lacks the conviction, personality and charisma to connect with his electorate. Labour used to be for the people but Tony Blair saw to it that they became the Conservatives in different clothing.

And then there is UKIP led by Nigel Farage, a party that is growing in size and power on the backs of the main three parties that people have had enough of. If UKIP ever got in then it would be a sad day indeed for they have dangerous undertones to their cause that make many of us feel uncomfortable indeed.

But if no-one votes again like last time, then it could be another coalition or something worse? Where’s the democracy in that? There’s no such thing really is there? It’s just another form of communism in disguise with capitalist undertones.

My point is this: what’s the point in voting if no-one ever listens to us or even helps us? We are all fed up and just want to make something of our lives but most of us feel like prisoners in a glass dome and this dome we now just want to smash.

UK Political leaders

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Most of us don’t want much, just enough to pay the bills, keep a roof over our heads and to be able to put food on the table. That’s all we ask really but that’s denied to those that try and out of reach to many as people struggle to make ends meet, some of who fail and sink lower than ever before. What follows is desperation, degradation and humiliation as those in power and those that fight for power sit comfortably in their nice homes, eating well and keeping warm in winter, courtesy of the taxpayer mostly.

Maybe our beloved leaders will wake up one day before it’s too late. Sooner rather than later I hope although there is Boris Johnson waiting in the wings…