Nowhere Man

Posted on Jan 13, 2014


Alone in a Bar

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He stands alone in a crowded room
glass empty, far too soon
Thinking of those he used to know
and others in the wind long blown

Tired and worn is he this day
as he drinks more to forget images that play
Looking at those out of reach
maybe each other life they’d teach?

His focus always on moving on
far from the path on which is wrong
For others grow or stay still
forgetting sometimes what’s real

But we live in a dream that has no rules
in it we are controlled by fools
Losing our way along the path
in which politicians and madmen the ones who laugh

Back his mind comes to reality
of which he’s trying to break free
Wishful thinking and resentment cloud his head
and thoughts that’ll stay with him till death

He’s just a nowhere man
dealt in life many strange hands
This nowhere man will drift on by
with hope in his heart for that perfect life

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