Girl on a Train

Posted on Jan 13, 2014


Girl on a Train

Picture by the author, Darren Greenidge

Rushing for the train
he runs up the steps
But the metal snake
slithers away, him it forgets
He curses to himself as
he awaits another
As people push by and
against each other

Finally it comes a few
minutes late
Trundling to a stop
by the entrance way
Where he jumps on a carriage
that is emptier than the rest
And slumps into a seat
much out of breath

Then he sees her across
from him
A fallen angel from where
he’s sitting
A girl of beauty divine
and pure
That makes him think
he’s at heavens door

Cascading blonde hair
falls wild
Over shoulders and
long down her side
As she sleeps
in peace, lost in dreams
He wonders what it is
she sleepily thinks?

He knows he’ll not
see her again
For his stop is next
if only time he could bend
No pen, no paper or a
waking eye
As he leaves her in peace
whilst inside he cries…

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