Soulless Shell

Posted on Oct 20, 2013


Rundown Area

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Back he gets to his flat
A long day passed

Not a home to where he gets
This place he shan’t last

No soul or belonging there
Nothing that stirs the heart

Just a shell is all he fears
Feeling he does very apart

Like a gaol it feels there
Many rules to follow and obey

A pressure, no freedom to cheer
This shell all work no play

Memories stare at all he sees
across and out of the window

From this he longs to be free
Away he needs to go

Away from the ghosts
that haunts his dreams

To the sea he wants most
the mountains to be free

No wish to die there alone
Undiscovered for days

Much has he to atone
For the past he has betrayed

But the dream lives on
In sleep
In song…

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