Posted on Oct 20, 2013


Political Rally

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I think of religion
and how irrelevant it is
Of politicians
how irrelevant they are
Of your hate, your racist ideals
irrelevant isn’t the word
Because you don’t really feel
you’re irrelevant, that’s what you are

Your beliefs born of ignorance
and irrelevant lies
But you carry on with persistence
and your irrelevant politics
But the world is changing
it’s irrelevant to you
Never do you see what you’re facing
you irrelevant poor fool

For you care little about humanity
irrelevant it is to you
Only your poor country
and most you believe are irrelevant there too
Do you not see we are all the same
none are irrelevant
We are not all to blame
your cause, your beliefs irrelevant

It saddens my heart as I look on and weep
the irrelevance of hate
The ignorance of your beliefs
blinded by politics irrelevance
Your heart as cold as ice
this the way you’ve become
The irrelevant future rushes by
every second it passes to history


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One day love will become obsolete
irrelevant as most things
The bills we pay for a roof to keep
all irrelevant in the end
Work and the struggles we go through
are irrelevant as the moon landing
The truth is hard to swallow for you
that we’re all irrelevant in the end

Far too busy to care
far too busy fighting causes hollow
Irrelevant as we don’t have money to spare
for too busy fighting real things everyday
One thing I have learned
is that everything is irrelevant
Unless we get our fingers burned
then relevant it all becomes

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