Like A Child

Posted on Oct 15, 2013


Political and Corporate Greed

Illustrated Political Cartoon: Corporate Greed as Octopus – BE037954 picture courtesy of

I’ve just heard
what you have done
Behaved intolerable
and spilt bad blood
Like a child
you have acted
Is it no wonder
how we all reacted?

Yet you carry on
in the same way
Talking as if
this is a game to play
Messing with people’s
hearts and minds
Spinning the web
of deceit and lies

Schoolboy antics
in the way you act
You refuse to give
in and backtrack
Forgetting it was
you who started this
Now it seems there’s
a new twist

There’s more in life
than your pathetic games
But you’re looking
to save more than face
Casting the blame on
others and more
Even if it means
you corrupt and ruin the law

Simple lives are
nowt to you
Just something you
walk over with expensive shoes
As you sit pretty
in your gilded
Whilst others spirits
you happily broke

You have no shame
never have, never will
Schoolboy politics
and you, should be brought to heel

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