If in Doubt, Go to War

Posted on Sep 9, 2013


Oh you ravens of power seek
and fight over your dwindling reign
Cawing at it all with ravenous beaks
flapping desperately over others fates

Your thirst reaches across the seas
to where your wings don’t belong
Beady eyes see more than we
no line between right and wrong

Many fall and die
as you bicker amongst yourselves
ignorant of the cries
and their sorry hell

Mistakes made in the past
wary are you all now
Always the innocent hit hard
blocking out the screams sounds

But power the greatest high
addicted you all are
In history books you wish to fly
as your future epitaph

War is what you seek
it always is and will be
Not to help those in need
to keep yourselves in power we believe

How many wars does it take
oh, how many?
Before you see your mistakes
and leave this world empty…

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