Blink and You’ll Miss it

Posted on Sep 9, 2013


City Life

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Rushing out of the office, she heads for the train
A car goes by through a puddle, splashing her
Her day has been bad, drove her insane
what else she wonders is waiting to lurk

She just wants to be home in the warm
forgetting the day and all it gave
Her life at a crossroads, she’s torn
which way to turn, what way to save

Tired, cold, wet and fed up
she opens the door to her small flat
She makes a soup in a large cup
and falls asleep where she’s sat

She wakes up just before nine
the TV screen flickering, the sound low
She yawns, deciding to go to bed this time
but thoughts of tomorrow intrude her so

She knows she has to act fast
if she wants to change her life for good
In bed she thinks back to her past
all the things done and still could

Blink and you’ll miss it, words she knows
told to her by her dad way back when
Inside her heart, her discomfort grows
for her life she leads, a new one to begin

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