Just Saying

Posted on Aug 30, 2013


Lost in Thought

Picture courtesy of http://www.coverbooth.com

You wonder why things go wrong
why good things have suddenly gone
Why your colleagues, family and friends
no longer your life blend

You think deep, far too much
searching your heart, it won’t budge
You blame yourself and others too
in reality you haven’t a clue

Frustration reigns in your life
in for all that you strive
But no escape from your past
as you try the net to cast

Just saying what you need to hear
but you never listen however clear
It’s only you holding yourself back
you just have to try a different tact

So concentrate on yourself
abandon those feelings felt
Don’t see things that don’t exist
because you may pass your future missed

Be confident and be free
and live your life as should be

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