Song of a Timelord

Posted on Jul 3, 2013


Doctor Who and Tardis

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Alone in time and space
this man of many a face
Warrior to some, friend to others
sad and alone with his brothers

He steps into his blue box
often dialling back the clock
A companion or two in tow
and to all of infinity they go

He’s battled enemy and friend
fighting them to time’s end
Lost many along the way
and been severely betrayed

but the journey is his alone
always has been, he must atone
For dark places he has been
oh the things he has seen!

His memory not always right
forgetting his past and starless nights
A family he had once did he?
try as he might he cannot see!

Twelve he has been
and others as yet unseen
Not everything is black and white
for the Doctor in continuous flight

He’ll never know another change
other than a man, his only range
Too long stuck the same
not wishing to spark that flame!

He looks down on his beloved earth
a place so special, of his rebirth
He’ll protect it at all costs
for it was there that all nearly lost

And then he turns away
thinking on Gallifrey
His home lost to him
maybe it’s time to bring it back again?

The song of the Timelord always so
rules to play, break and blow
But home he misses so very much
it’s all he is, in his blood

He heads to Tardis blue
his beloved box he did choose
Companions truly, been through hell
as the box flashes and vanishes with that sound…

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