Turn this Anger Away

Posted on Jul 2, 2013



Picture courtesy of bherbst.com

The thoughts he has are dark in his heart
too deep it scares him, drives him apart
Torn between the dark and the light
anger the driving force away from what’s right

He’s trying to be the good one in this
but he’ll always remember that lingering kiss
With someone else you are now
he doesn’t want there to be an angry row

Then there’s other pressure’s too
pushing his limits, much to lose
How far do they wanna go
do they want to see him blow?

Best if he turns on in himself
it’s the only way
Than do something he’ll regret
keep the monster at bay

He’s never felt like this before
anger so true and pure
So alone no-one to help him see
bury his feelings, never be free

But there’s one that can help his soul
one who helped put him in this hole
He hates himself for what he’s become
being what he is just isn’t that fun

He needs help to turn this anger away
so he can learn to fight another day
To have hope and faith in more
so his soul won’t be bruised and sore

He walks away lost in thoughts
looking for answers sought
Much pressure building inside
is it all just his pride?

He hates being pushed, darkness replacing love
and what they’ve let him now become
Will he ever be free to laugh or even smile?
why has he let them corrupt and defile?

As the water laps at his feet
he grapples with the last of his beliefs
Seeing them fall from reach
as he stands alone on the beach

The same question rings in his ears
Why, why, why, the seagulls cry…

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