Gone Away

Posted on Jun 16, 2013


Picture courtesy of howtolivewithgrief.com

Picture courtesy of howtolivewithgrief.com

I took your call in words of haste
that left in my mouth a bad taste
As you filled me in on your news
and all that day you did lose

I felt your pain deep inside
and could feel your confusion and need to confide
Your voice raw with emotion strong
wondering the difference between right and wrong

Torn are you and so very lost
your world ripped apart at another’s cost
As you think on the void now left
your emotions are bereft

You have no idea on what to do
for this is very new to you
All you want is to turn back the clock
maybe say some words and be that rock

But all you can do is be strong
for now she has gone
You have to believe in a better place
looking down on you both with a smiling face

Your lives have changed in many ways
you have to focus on future days
But for now you have much to do
Remember I am here for you

She is not gone, but gone away
Remember this everyday
You will see her again
someday. but not yet, not yet…

For Adam and Russ

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