Food for Thought

Posted on May 27, 2013


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As she tucks into her meal
she wonders how it’ll make her feel?
For down she’s been this past year
food for thought and all should be clear?

She thinks of the mistakes over twelve months
the decisions she made, the leaps and jumps
All she did and all she didn’t
all the paths to her that were hidden

She sits with her meal almost eaten
determined this time not to be beaten
She’ll complete that course and do another
and won’t this time be so smothered

For too long she’s been a slave to all
ignoring that far off distant call
Whispering to her from a future yet to be
in a place of pure happiness yet to see

So herself first she must put
like long ago she had should
No more slipping through the net
memories she would rather forget

The meal finished, she orders a dessert
suddenly keen and very alert
Way too much to do and see in this life
excited she is, she’ll damn well give everything a try

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