Moody Barman

Posted on May 24, 2013


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He comes out for the day
to see a friend of old
For celebrations his friend’s birthday
he does brave the winter cold

But arriving early and sitting at the bar
before anyone else to meet and shivering from the cold
He orders his drink to keep away the chill, nothing hard
”You can’t sit there, move away!” He is told

This puts him in a bad mood
unwelcome he does feel
This is not how to be treated, nor ever should
is this moody barman real?

This barman, a manager he seems
couldn’t manage a chimps tea party
So the man sits and writes what he sees
all joyful and hearty

Yet he remains calm, with his drink moves away
rising above, not wishing for any confrontation
For this barman shall not ruin his day
or the coming celebration

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