A Good Day

Posted on May 24, 2013


Picture courtesy of modernbuttercup.blogspot.com

Picture courtesy of modernbuttercup.blogspot.com

A good day she’s had, long overdue
one that was needed to be herself true
Caught up with many a thing needed to be done
in a strange way it was also fun

She did loads of work and hobbies too
did things long neglected, no longer blue
It felt good to catch up in this dark day
she hopes she’ll stay like this, hopes she’ll stay

For still so much she needs to complete
to turn her life around, deadlines to meet
Too comfortable and lost her way of late
she was getting to a point of self hate

But this day she saw the light
not even the bad weather could her soul blight
So she wrote, she worked, she did all she could
she felt for once in a very good mood

Now though she should give it a rest
been at it all day, she’ll run out of zest
She’ll keep this mindset as she goes to bed
another day tomorrow, she won’t be easily led

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