More Than This

Posted on May 13, 2013


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There’s a woman sitting at home
with the TV on, all alone
Her family is out at work or play
it looks like it’s gonna be a long day

So she sits and reads, dreaming away
of a different life where she had a say
Where she was treated like a queen
and be noticed and be seen

But it doesn’t work that way she knows
for she’s been left behind and cannot grow
She brought up the kids and done the hard work
but it’s as if that’s it, this is what hurts

To be able to see her friends once in a while
those that live close, those away by miles
Sometimes she wants to fulfil past dreams
but lost they are, blown like leaves from a tree

So she does her best for her family
living her life so steadily
Putting herself last as always
as she will for all her days

But she just wants more than this
she wants some personal happiness
Be it a lost dream or a few days away
a life less stale, one with play

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