Posted on Apr 28, 2013


There they are
our leaders there
Living without
a worry or care
Whilst we
suffer everyday
Heads in the sand
like Ostriches I say

Struggles are seen
all the time
The ostriches sit
say all is fine
Whilst a man loses
his job and home
A tent for him
so scared and alone

Wars and bonuses
cost the country so
Whilst the people
suffer, money is blown
So much money out
there to use
That could fix the
country if they choose

But sitting comfortable
are these hooded powerful
As we fight to live
and pay for those that rule
Meanwhile the man in his
tent freezes at night
Eats unhealthily
what a sad sight

Then the old with
heating bills to pay
Can’t afford them
as the ostriches play
Tears fall from many
a sorrowful face
In this sad messed up
world of the human race

Ostriches there are
on both sides of the fence
But it’s the poor
who have no defence

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