Posted on Apr 28, 2013


Been thinking about the past a lot
Those that come and go are never forgot
I often think of what could’ve been
If given a little longer, they could’ve seen

So many gone, friends and family in equal terms
In my heart and soul this does burn
Too many taken in a life still young
They all had a story to be sung

My friend Joe was one of these
Who sailed by my side in the breeze
An Irishman from Newbridge, County Kildare
A man with a heart of gold he did care

He was a friend who was strong and true
Detested violence in us all, including you
He saw a way through his gift of the gab
Even when drunk as he moved like a crab

He let people see what he wanted them to
People didn’t know who he was, hadn’t a clue
Day in and day out he tried to do good
A man who stood proud as any like him should

He had his daemons like we all do inside
Some of us bury them, hoping to hide
With Joe though, one of the wisest I met
Some of these he told me, he couldn’t forget

His family he loved beyond words and meaning
The apple of his eye, he son and daughter gleaming
Grandkids too which made him proud
He would tell me everytime his love was bound

He missed his home town and country so much
But independent was he, stubborn to a touch
He made home here under English skies
Loved where he lived till the day that he died

He wanted so much to start life again
Like all of us he had his regrets
But some things he wouldn’t change at all
He family, his kids, he loved their calls

There’s so much more I could write about this man
Words to express would go on forever, breadth of this land
This friend, this brother from a horse-racing county
So many stories to add to the bounty

I miss my friend Joe ever so much
This Leinster man missed by all, forever loved
I hope where he is now he’s happy and at peace
If you can read these words my friend, In my heart you’ll never cease

One day we shall meet again…

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Picture courtesy of

For Joe Tidd
Brother and
kindred spirit.
Missed, never forgotten.
Happy birthday old friend
Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.

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