The Druid

Posted on Apr 26, 2013


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The man creeps through dawns dusky light
There to reveal an ancient and mystical sight
For him to come now is for us to reason why
To separate the truth from the lie

His kind have been hidden now for a while
For they were hunted by those that were vile
Their religion was at one with the earth
Death to them a doorway to rebirth

They built Stonehenge, Callanish and Avebury
These stone circles now their ancient history
But as times move on they have had to change
They still hold a power that has a mighty range

Myths and legends surround them all
They ignore the rants to a call
Staying hidden a little while longer
There time will come as they get stronger

They watch the fakes, the fools and the clowns
As they sit as patiently as a bear so brown
That waits to pounce on a prey that’s weak
A time will come for them to speak

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