Dawning Realisation

Posted on Apr 26, 2013


Picture courtesy of downloadwallpapersandphotos.

Picture courtesy of downloadwallpapersandphotos.

This dawning realisation
she’s just had
How empty she feels
how so very sad
Her life not her own
never really has been
No-one there for her
and nowhere to be seen
Tired of all the lies
the deceit played by them
It’s as if she has
committed some terrible sin
No-one to love and
no future she sees
Staying still
struggling to breathe
Let down many times
by those she thought close
Tolerated she feels
by those she loves the most
Why does she bother
at all with life
This lonely existence
in which she’s buried alive
You’re born alone
and you die the same way
This she knows
her future some day
Out of sync with them all
this fast closing book
Going deeper inside herself
where no-one ever looks
Why do people pretend
to love her so
When in reality
they can’t wait for her to go

This dawning realisation
that they can’t wait for her to go…

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