A Lost City Soul

Posted on Mar 27, 2013


And so again he finds himself alone
For company only the music that sets the tone
Always persuaded to go against the grain
He never knows how to say no, he’s to blame

So a wasted few hours has he had walking
Round the streets, past shops and people taking
He would chance what would happen around the corner
As the day disappears, getting shorter

Watching the world go by he sits by at a bar
The rain falls outside, people rush by in cars
He wonders how long he’ll pass his time there
As another drink is poured and drank without a care

He’ll probably pass the time reading his book
Or just sit at the bar with his eyes he’ll look
He knows he needs sleep very soon
As he’s been out on his own since noon

In this city no-one cares about him
Selfish are they in their needs grim
It’s simple to go over and talk to someone
But in this city it’s usually frowned upon

So now he feels like a ghost
A lost city soul that never shows
All cities have these poor lost
Left on their own but at what cost?

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