The Devil’s Gate

Posted on Mar 23, 2013


Devil's Gate or Hell's Gate. Picture courtesy of

Devil’s Gate or Hell’s Gate. Picture courtesy of

People all around, fighting every day
Over false ideals, someone’s gotta pay
That’s gonna be you and me, my friend
The innocent and weak, unable to defend

We need to stop the anger and become one
Otherwise we’ll never again see our daughters or sons
So gather your voices and make yourselves loud
Don’t just be another face in the crowd

We are the forgotten ones, the sacrificial pawns
Wanna wake up, see many more dawns
Everyone should make a stand soon
Drag them out of their little darkened rooms

No longer wanna be a sheep, constantly herded along
You know I’m right, you know they’re wrong
We have to act soon before it’s too late
Don’t be left alone to a very bad fate

Peace in this world will never come
If people don’t stop and put down the gun
Money and power are all that rules
Basked in its glory, those people are fools

Our time will eventually come to an end
A mad politician gone round the bend
He will be the one who will destroy us all
No longer a nation that stands proud and tall

He has to be stopped right at the start
A man cold as he, he’s got no heart
Hungry with power, a politician’s dream
To control his people, never quite what they seem

We are nothing to them, those people with power
They look down on us, frown and glower
So heed my words before it’s too late
Don’t wanna meet you down (with them) at the devil’s gate

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