The Day That He Dies

She make him laugh, makes him cry
makes him sing and inwardly sigh
Sad too, never dull when she’s by
he wants to be with her till the day that he dies

Her happiness is something that helps him along
making him feel like he belongs
All he wants is a chance, don’t let him be wrong
don’t keep him waiting, he’s not that strong

Her beauty gives him something to believe
an innocence so pure and sweet he does see
Can’t believe his eyes when she’s near
once by his side, he no longer fears

Loneliness is something that scares us all
he sometimes thinks he’s gonna fall
But with you her he knows he can fly
like a bird, soaring high in the sky

But she plays her games like a Grandmaster
oh how his heart does beat faster
Torn between what’s real and but a dream
in the end, nothing is what it seems

Maybe he’ll carry her til the day that he dies
in his heart forever from morning til night
For what he years for is not always within sight
and maybe will come to him in another guise

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