Posted on Mar 5, 2013


This Spring day he contemplates all he sees
wondering in six months where he’ll be
The sun god shines his rays on his brow
Ra the everliving, the life-giver for now

He’s in limbo but wondrously free
to do as he wishes but a prisoner he may be
His own worst enemy, loyal and true
how does he escape this conundrum soon

The mountains and the ocean beckon him free
their sweet call whispers from the sea
But what price freedom does this cost
what will be the most that shall be lost

Is it family or friends that he fears more
is this the root at his innermost core?
Or is it something deeper inside
that he fears more than most from which he hides?

Fear can be healthy if used in the right way
Fear can be a friend that will show you its face
Fear can also be the enemy you always fight
Fear the nightmare in your sleep, awake at night

Posted in: Poetry