Ynys Prydain

Posted on Feb 25, 2013


A mass of yellow across a sea of green
Streaks across the dragons great spleen
its roar silenced by a thousand years
The lone Bard sheds a silent tear

Oh Ynys Prydain, please awake
For this islands soul and sake
Long have you been asleep
Time you awoke from your prison keep

Our green Isle needs the dragon once more
To take back this land in which it was born
And be our leader, our mighty sword
From those that destroy your land, mistreat the poor

Bring back the one who led us before
Who beat back the invaders horde
And his adviser who guided him true
With a sword so mighty, it’s power pure and true

Breathe your fiery breath upon this land
Once again your claws upon these sands
Bring us back to greater glory
And for our island to tell another story

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