Alcohol’s Daemons

Posted on Feb 25, 2013


A day to see a friend
was lost to him
Spent in many a pub
drinking whiskey and beer
Why does he do this
from time to time?
Losing a part of himself
with mountains to climb

Like father like son
maybe this is the way
How it’ll always be
till his end of days
For always he see’s
a way out
But alcohol’s daemons
takes his soul to sell

Silly childish things
he sometimes does
His brain not his
in the alcohol’s rush
Like someone else
in control
As he awakes the day
after, memories cold

Spending what he
doesn’t really have
Blowing it on a day
and a night, feeling sad
Spending it on others
losing control
Living for the day
his future on hold

Oh what a fool he
has been
Other uses that
money should’ve seen
But what’s done is
done now, no turning back
Time to try another

Yet more sacrifices
he’ll make
For this cycle he’s
determined to break
This the way it
has to be
For a future so bright
he can see

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