The Dollmaker

Posted on Feb 12, 2013


I thought I’d try my hand at a fairytale in poem form inspired by a nightmare I had in part and the stories of the Brothers Grimm, Poe, M.R. James and Lovecraft and others of the genre. It freaked me out writing it so I hope it does the same for you! Happy nightmares and be wary of what lays under your bed or in your cupboards tonight…

He sees dolls around a table
Lifelike are they these things from fable
Human in height and build
These things look very real

They sit and look with glassy eyes
Staring out into the blackest night
Unmoving and still, yet alive they seem
These dolls, these puppets from darkest dreams

A man sits at the table in sombre mood
Sharpening his knife, carving a groove
As the dolls stare ahead
These things from the dead

The man’s head’s down, eyes on his work
As the cries in the house go unheard
He smiles wickedly as he continues to cut
Those voices he’ll quieten, mouths to shut

He walks away to the source of the noise
Hears a quiet, small whimpering voice
This madmen opens the door
The screams send shivers to his core

He sets to work with blade and hand
Almost complete his masterplan
Then turns off the lights and goes to bed
And sleeps his weary head

As one of the dolls turns its lifeless head…

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