Vision of Clarity

Posted on Feb 7, 2013


Too long he’s sat still
watching time pass him by
Too long has he been there for others
seeing opportunities take flight

‘Ah, sweet Jesus,’ he’d
say again and again
Would life give him a break
and an Angel heaven-sent

But no, life trundled on
as he saw it come and go
Never fighting for his dreams
this life he’s gonna blow

Then one day on a cold
winters night
Something catches his eye
did he just see right?

It was there, but it wasn’t
seemingly right in front of him
Like a vision of perfect clarity
seeing all that has ever been

He also saw that moment
right up until that point
Everything in his life
every dot joined

It was then he knew
what he must achieve
To break the cycle he’s in
He knew in himself he had to believe

Posted in: Poetry