The Good Son

Posted on Jan 12, 2013


Walking home he
takes a detour
Wondering what, why
when evermore
Wrapped up against
the biting chill
As temperatures drop
winter starting for real

He thinks on his
family and their fights
Trying to do good
and all that’s right
He does all he
can in these hard days
But little can he give
as life doesn’t him pay

He tries to do
his best by them all
But little do they
give him rest, letting him fall
He tries to be the
good son too
But a battle it is
one he always does lose

Nothing is ever
good enough
Only Financial gain
is needed, not love
Forgetting himself
he’s falling fast
As he fights for others
’til the very last

He just wants to
be the good brother
The good relative to all
Mother and grandmother
But all are disappointed
in him, kept in chains
It’s no wonder that
he sometimes feels pain

Will he ever be
the good son
Will he ever be
allowed freedom to run
One day he
hopes this will be
One day he hopes
they’ll finally see clearly

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