Forever Alone

Posted on Jan 6, 2013


It’s a cold January day
as people walk on by
Not noticing the lonely
figure sitting in plain sight
Who stares at the river
straight ahead
Thoughts tumbling around
in his head

Just turned thirty-five
days ago
A quiet affair, no
friends did show
Thinking of all
he’s achieved
Watched as he let
go of his dreams

Putting many others
first his way
But himself, his beliefs
did he betray
Others lives he’s
caught up in
It’s not where he’s
going, but where he’s been

He watches friends and
family settle down
As he’s chased by
the black hound
Time passing him
fast by
But he can’t escape
no matter how he tries

He has no-one to
love or hold
No-one to warm him
in the nights so cold
No-one to go to when
he gets home
This his destiny he
knows, forever alone

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