Posted on Jan 6, 2013


The father reads the letter and cries
Looks to the heavens with emotions high
‘Why,’ he says in a low voice
‘WHY!’ he screams at his god’s choice

Months pass by and feelings run raw
What was taken was fated law
But it still doesn’t make him any better
As again he re-reads his son’s last letter

Fighting he was in Afghanistan
For an ideal lost in a governments plan
Took by a bullet unseen and fast
Not an enemy, but ally did death’s shadow cast

He’s told countless time’s since that all will be well
That his torment won’t last, he’ll be free from his hell
To find a way to break free
Closure is what his heart really needs

That word angers him whenever he hears it
For no-one can understand his inner feelings
There can be no closure with loss in his heart
There can be no going back or a new start

He’ll carry his son within him always
Until the end of his days
He’ll always feel bitter towards all
That were responsible for his son’s fall

No god does he believe in anymore
No political party will he follow or vote for
His memory of his son will keep him going
No closure ever shall be whilst his heart still beating

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