Posted on Jan 3, 2013


My friend Monica gave me a challenge to write a war poem which I did whilst ‘talking’ to her on Facebook, so this is for her as well as those who wait for loved ones fighting in different countries for freedom that some of us are lucky to have.

Rose is wilting
Her petals fall
She sheds tears
For no call
No call has come
To her from afar
From the desert
Under different stars

She thinks on him
His hardship and pain
Fighting far away
Others he trains
Blood on his hands
Ordered by others
She weeps for him
Her sweet lover

He’s been gone
For two years now
Coming back soon
To his hometown
Hopefully he’ll be okay
Not lost to her
Full of pain

She’ll comfort him
As best she can
Be there and
Hold his hand
For all he’s known
Is desert and sand
Blood and horror
By others hands

She sheds a tear
once again
Rose wilts
on the sand
As she watches
the waves roll in
Coming home soon
She’ll be with him

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