Posted on Dec 9, 2012


‘Tis a sad day indeed
That you have been taken away
But at least you are free
Starbound on this day

So much you gave to us
Inspired many over the years
You were much-loved
We smile, shed happy tears

Astronomy your love
Music and comedy too
As we look above
Remembering eternally you

Now with your one true love
After many years of heartbreak
This one person you did trust
Sweet music in the stars you now make

Rest in peace Teacher
Rest in peace amongst the gods
Rest in peace stargazer
Rest in peace Sir Patrick Moore

For those who don’t know, Sir Patrick Moore was a man of great renown here in the UK. A stargazer of high regard the world over famous for the seminal TV programme The Sky at Night. He was loved by many the world over and will be sadly missed. Copy and paste the link below to find out more about him.
I for one will miss him on our screens. His like shall never be seen again. Ever.

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