Ireland: The Land of My Dreams

Posted on Dec 8, 2012


*This is my 1000th post so hope you like it. It’s only right that it is about a land that is close to my heart and continues to inspire me and break my heart all at once.

Oh Ireland, how I dream of you
How I miss you everyday
You take away my blues
In the madness that you play

You are close to my heart
Closer than can ever be
I struggle to be apart
From you across our sea

You offer me hope
Where before I had none
And none now exist in scope
Under this English sun

From strong family ties
To great friends I hold dear
A loyalty my heart does bind
This land does me cheer

My Waterford girls and boys
And Kilkenny rabble much-loved
My Dublin lot so fair in voice
And Cork of which I can’t get enough

It saddens me for its troubles
Past and present still strong
In the minds of restless others
Who want things sadly gone

Times have changed and will do again
As they always will
As she adapts and blends
In the world’s stage still

To awake to the view of Kinsale harbour
And its bobbing boats
Or to walk on Dingle bay
And the mountains with its sheep and goats

Galway, Kilkenny, Donegal
Dublin, Waterford and Clare
For all of you I did fall
Oh how I wish I was back there

To me you are different
Something special indeed
For my soul you’re heaven-sent
Ireland, the land of my dreams

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