There Comes A Time

Posted on Sep 27, 2012


There comes a time
To put away childish things they say
To grow up
And live as an adult everyday
But this saddens me
In so many ways it breaks my heart
Why must this be so?
That we tear ourselves apart?

There comes a time
When we should say no more
To our slave-drivers
Who we seem to conform for
For it’s our lives
That we do live and breathe
Let us be
To live our lives as we fittingly see

There comes a time
We should lose negative thoughts
And people too
In which our lives are caught
Life too short
To carry burdens of others
You forget yourself
In negativity you do smother

There comes a time
Where you should live as you should
Doing all things
That you ever dreamed you could
Whatever it is
Fight for these dreams everyday
Don’t lose yourself
In other games people play

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