The Damned and the Dead

Posted on Sep 26, 2012


Whatever they do
They will lose
Whatever they try
Wings won’t fly
Kept in their place
A jury they face
These prisoners all
Awaiting judgement call

They’ve done nothing
Political playthings
Dirty and dishevelled
They rot in hell
Some forgotten
Left and rotten
Falling deeper
Beaten by their keeper

Kangaroo court
Bounces their law
Death to all they say
Entertainment for the day
As the noose tightens
The boy is frightened
The door opens
The fear spreads and ripens

Political prisoners all
Run by greedy fools
Forgotten by the rich
The poor always hit
Always the way
Going back to classical days
Never forget these souls
Who rot in terrible holes

For these are the
Damned and the dead

*Dedicated to all those in prisons everywhere who have done nothing wrong except try to live under a regime with shackled voices. Thoughts are always with you all.

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