The Slaughter of Wolves

Posted on Sep 27, 2012


The proud hunt and smiles of Wolf hunters. Picture from

Breaks my heart
What I’ve been reading
Wolves being slaughtered
Their broken bodies bleeding
Whilst a hunter smiles
His picture taken
With his trophy kill
Their souls forsaken

“Does my smile look big enough in this?” Wolf kill picture from

Trapped in wire or
Metal teeth
Guns and poisons
It beggars belief
That we call ourselves
When all you hear
Is the sad wolves cry

Some hunters mark
Themselves with the kill
Proud they are
It makes me ill
These sick misguided fools
Have no idea
Uneducated are they
And do not hear

Mass wolf kill. You can hear the silence of the forest now. Picture

A pack being hunted
For trying to survive
Lost one of its number
Forever they hide
For they fear us
Always have
As we always kill
It’s us who is bad

I hope one day
Hunters will see
Their terrible mistakes
The killing of beauty
The slaughter of wolves
Is a heart-rending sound
Can you not hear
Their pitiful howls..?

Wolf Pup. Picture from

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