Posted on Sep 7, 2012


When I was a kid
the things I used to imagine

Fighting monsters and dinosaurs
running from the enemy unseen

Defending myself with
sword and shield

Hiding behind a
shed, the enemy battlefield

Or with a gun
I’d shoot the baddies

Running for cover
Hitting dirt on Saturday’s

At night I’d see things
that weren’t there

Crawling in the dark
I was very scared

Imagination is a powerful

What it can do and
what it can bring

Then you become an adult
and things change

You don’t always have
the same range

But some of us
still do

We the select ones
and the few

Writers, actors,

And the ordinary

Imagination is a

Used wisely you’ll
be nobody’s fool

I’m off now to
Fight monsters

Or am I the lonely

Wish me luck
wish me well

I’ve a story
now to tell

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