Falling Deep

Posted on Sep 7, 2012


Falling deep is he for her
He doesn’t know which way to turn
Confused is his beating heart
From her he hates to be apart

But apart he is anyway
Thinks of her everyday
What’s she’s doing and thinking
If she’s home or out drinking

Close they’ve become over many months
Turned his moods good from grumps
He knows that they’re just god friends
But he can’t help thinking of a different end

He’s falling deep for her he knows
This friendship he could blow
He doesn’t know what to do
Does she feel the same as him, hasn’t a clue?

They’ve held each other close many times
No wonder he’s confused, he sighs
She’s stroked his arms and looked at him deep
Oh those moments he treasures deep

But she’s always drunk when this happens
When sober she’s always on the defence
It’s like there’s two of her he deals with
Oh god, he can’t handle this

Maybe he’s best so stay away
Others to meet and with them play
But he wants her with all his heart
God, it’s tearing him apart!

Is this love or insecurity he feels?
None of it seems real
He’s just a confused mess
This problem he’ll have to address

Why does she always reply when drunk
But sober she looks at him as if he’s dunce?
Does she realise what she’s doing
His heart and soul she does ruin

For now he’ll try move along
Hope he’ll do no wrong
Doesn’t wanna say the right thing
Their friendship an end he shan’t bring

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