Posted on Sep 3, 2012


Woke up this morning with a dawning
yet long-held realisation
That he’s alone more than
ever and shall always be so
Left to pay the consequences
of others actions
Paying the price for their
insecurity and anger

Whilst others get on
with their lives
He sits and wallows in
pain and distortion
Eating him up inside like
an insect devouring him
Burrowing deep inside
his ever darkening soul

All he wants now is to
escape to a faraway place
Leave everyone to it
and to finally start living
But he sighs the sigh
of one who knows
No escape for him as
his destiny and fate

Are entangled with others
all his friends, family and
Strangers too
This his life, always has
been, always will
No matter where he runs
to or hides
Always yanked back hard with force

So he shuffles off head
hung low
His spirit shackled in chains
weighing him down
Dragging his feet, his very soul
as he walks around like a ghost
Seen and needed when called upon
but ignored and unseen when he needs someone

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