Sleepless Night

Posted on Aug 24, 2012


Yet another sleepless night
With dreams good and bad, it was light
So much she has on her mind
Will tonight be to her kind?

All she wants is some sleep
Refuses pills, they’re for the weak
Doesn’t need drugs of any kind
She just needs some peace of mind

Living in a noisy town doesn’t help
With its gloom and doom, just like hell
If only she could just up and go
Maybe then her life would have flow

At the moment it’s a rocky road
Full of obstacles and unpleasant toads
With poison they spread, used as a weapon
She dreams of a life better, hopes it will happen

Her day hard she finally lays down
IN happy dreams she hopes to drown
But too many thoughts niggle her mind
Nightmares and a sleepless night she’s sure to find

Posted in: Poetry