Sahara Sky

Posted on Aug 24, 2012


Woken up by the geese again
Flying by at O-five ten
I look groggily to the sky
At the Sahara way up high

The clouds a mixture of colours
Not quite fluffy like the others
Give an impression of the desert
A far away land stretching far I assert

I imagine camel trains and covered men
Heading for the well to drink again
Then they approach a palace of splendour
Their lord awaits to give the order

I’m lost in lands far away
Lost in the beautiful Sahara sky
I see cities in the clouds
Long since gone, waiting to be found

I imagine up there people with wings
Armed with swords, in the sun they gleam
Ready for the day they’ll be needed
To swoop down on the unexpected

But then the dreams evaporate like the clouds
Burned away by the sun, me it found
Ra, the sun-god, the destroyer of dreams
Also of life, all living things

*This turned into something I wasn’t intending but I’m happy with it. Clouds sometimes create powerful imagery and for centuries people have been ‘seeing’ things in them. If only it were true. Or maybe it is…

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