The Park

Posted on Aug 20, 2012


Gadebridge Park taken by Darren Greenidge

I sit under the shade of a tree
Away from the sun that still finds me
Burning its rays on my face
I should move but find no haste

A woman walks her dog in playful joy
Playing catch with its favourite toy
Running and jumping, happy in his play
Oh for a dog’s life sometimes I say

Kids in the skate-park fly through the air
They do this with smiles, without a care
On skateboards and bikes too
They feel like lords of war, bruises black and blue

Gadebridge Park by Darren Greenidge

The river Gade empty, sadly run dry
No wild fowl for away they did fly
Fish have gone, died or swam away
For the sun in this park has won the day

I contemplate its beauty, this historic park
Where ancient Britons here set the spark
Romans resided here, a villa they had
But their trace buried, unseen, so very sad

A tree with a face, centuries old
Chopped down by officials cold
The old man of Gadebridge given no quarter
He only feels the cold blade of mankind’s slaughter

A house so grand once still here proud
First built in twelve eighty-nine records found
But then destroyed and rebuilt again
Eventually levelled at eighteenth centuries end

A smaller third Bury house replaced these homes
Now a register office, haunted by ghosts
Very sad to what could’ve been
Oh for a time machine, what sights would be seen!

But the park still has life in her still
A small piece of paradise I sometimes feel
One day I fear it’ll be no more
As houses are built more and more

Until then it is to be enjoyed
It keeps people busy and healthy, even employed
Trees and acres of fields of green
This glorious sight should always be

*Copy and paste on the following link for more information on Gadebridge park. It’s not much I’m afraid as the town doesn’t seem to have a more detailed sight on the history of the park.

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