By The Skin of His Teeth

Posted on Aug 20, 2012


Life is like a game to some
For others it ain’t much fun
Some find it hard to breathe
Surviving by the skin of their teeth

Whether in a small town or a city
Not much to go around in pity
Even in war-torn countries far away
Maybe a sigh as people pass through he day

There’s a man who has nothing in life
Not even family and friends for him to confide
He’s not a bad person, just one of the ignored
People around him over him they lord

He struggles to find work, sixty now
Life has passed fast, unsure how?
So much he’s missed, gave up on
Too late now, those times have gone

Someone once told him it’s never too late
To do something special, even great
But the more he sits and lets time pass by
The more opportunities by him fly

So he survives by the skin of his teeth
Lost much in himself, his self belief
Silenced the voices in his heart
To a life of drudgery and bills, his dreams apart

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