I’m Back!

Posted on Aug 15, 2012


Hello all!

Just a short note to apologise for not being around these past few weeks. Life got in the way and I’ve no doubt it intends to keep up its fight against me over the next few weeks but I’ll not neglect this ‘blog’ if I can help it.

Over the past year or so since I started it I’ve published around eight-hundred poems and various reviews and rants. I usually aim for around 3 poems a day and try for different themes but sometimes the same themes run right through as you’ll see from my early work to now. Life is hard sometimes and writing for us all takes us away from it for a short while. It’s our drug. You may draw or paint, be a photographer, a musician, poet, storyteller, reviewer or a diarist.
Whatever you do I’m sure you have your days when you just think to yourself about life and why we do the things we do?
I for one have been thinking very deeply lately about many things. Some of my friends tell me I think far too deeply and it gets in the way of life, which is probably true to a point but as an aspiring writer thinking deeply is a bonus, no is a must.

Some of you shall be pleased to know that I have well over a hundred poems ready to write down, some fully written, others just titles so far but the ideas are there. I have also many stories I want to write down and when I find the time I will even try publishing on the Antichrist of the publishing world, Kindle as an experiment to see how things work. I actually have a file by my laptop full of ideas for stories, some going back years. It’s time I got more serious about this writing lark.

Some people ask why I don’t put pictures to my writing, especially my poems. The answer is simple. Everyone imagines something different when they read a poem or a novel. They have different pictures in your head. If you read a book then it gets made into a film, most say it isn’t how they imagined it, so I choose to let the reader use their own imagination instead of helping them along.

The past two weeks has seen the Olympics here in the UK. I’m only forty-five minutes away from where they were held but didn’t go. Tickets were a nightmare to get hold of and I was busy anyway. It’s a shame. I would’ve loved to see the Archery, Taekwondo, Fencing as well as a few others. Not the Athletics though. I find running around a track a bit boring and never liked it at school. I was one of the sad kids who was always picked last but when I was picked I excelled at everything I did. I chose to ignore sport at school simply because of how elitist it was. A shame really. I’d have loved to have been a tennis player (which never came in till I was about to leave school) or a fencing champion. School was never a good place for me and I hated everything about it except for the lifelong friends I made there.

It’s ironic now as all I want to do is study and write for the rest of my life, until I kick that old bucket. I love History, Archaeology, Criminology and of course the creative arts and am seriously looking to throwing caution to the wind and studying for a degree even if our fees here in the UK have trebled which is an outrage. How are you meant to better yourself if you can’t afford the fees? Bloody highway robbery but as the climate isn’t good worldwide at the moment workwise, it may be the best choice for many to do.

Anyway, I’ve enjoyed writing this rant and apology. I hope that you’re all well and that you all never give up on your dreams. Fight to achieve what it is you’re looking for, ignore those that put you down and walk away from negativity of all kinds. In dark moments go to a ‘place’ where you feel comfortable and happy and keep that belief alight.

So here I go again. I hope you enjoy what I write and thank you to those that have supported me over this past year. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. To those that haven’t supported me (you know who you are), then all I can say is karma is a funny thing. Don’t mess with it!

Let’s get writing!!